Biggest ART MERCHANDISE SALE of the Year! Truly exclusive gift for the holiday Season!


Welcome to! A collection of art pieces in the form of merchandise from the Maricel Marcantoni Art Collections. We hope you love it!

The MaricelMarcantoniArt brand was inspired from the Maricel Marcantoni Art Collection. The artist brings to life colors and expressions through these art pieces. Each piece is a reminder to enjoy life to the fullest through the expression of color and light. Maricel Marcantoni is a Puerto Rican artist for 40 years. Her art is exhibited in locations including museums, hotels and art galleries and is famous for her cushions local to the island of Puerto Rico. Her art is inspired in the beautiful island’s landscapes and culture. We want to invite you to take home a little piece of art with you and that is why we created Enjoy! Many blessings!

Sending hearts and love through art and threads.


Maricel Marcantoni is the artist behind the MaricelMarcantoniArt brand.

Maricel Marcantoni, Artist

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