Biggest ART MERCHANDISE SALE of the Year! Truly exclusive gift for the holiday Season!

Terms of Use is an online art merchandise store inspired on the art collection of the artist Maricel Marcantoni. This merchandise is made by a third party and designed by the Designer and Shop Manager. If you have any questions about the merchandise please contact us at For your convenience we do accept returns. Please consult with the Shop Manager first. Please keep in mind that we have multiple shops and that some items are spread out through shops depending on availability. We try to accommodate all of our customers to the best of our ability. Also keep in mind, that most of these products are made outside of the US and may take time to design, create and ship. Please be patient and review with the shop owner if you have a time constraint. We do keep some items in stock at HQ. The MaricelMarcantoniArt brand has been patented and cannot be reproduced for sale in any circumstance. We have a security team that checks the web for these occasions. The artist art work has also been patented. We hope you enjoy our site and our products and for that reason we do not track or share of your personal information. We value your privacy and that is why a third party takes care of all financial transaction as per the host company rules. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out at Happy shopping!

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